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Monday, October 1, 2007

Philips VoIP841 Skype-and-Landline (dual) phone, HUB Digital Living 8/07

Skype Helps Bridge Distances, HUB Digital Living 8/07:

The dual skype device mentioned below seems to be the one described here by the manufacturer:

"...Skype has partnered with nearly 200 hardware companies to create such Skype-certified products as cordless phones, webcams and mobile handsets that work with the service. For example, the Philips VoIP841 cordless phone (available later this year for $199.99; will let you roam around your home on a cordless device with keypad to make or accept Skype calls. In fact, this phone doubles as a landline too, so one plug on the base goes into the wall's telephone jack while the other plugs into a modem or router (no PC necessary)...."

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