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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Google mojo comes from open source management |

» Google mojo comes from open source management | Open Source | "Google is hot right now. Microsoft circa 1992 hot. Jim Cramer (right) recently began pounding the table for Google stock at $600, and expects it to hit $1,000. It’s already up to $625. Even at that price its market cap of $195 billion is still dwarfed by Microsoft’s $284 billion. It’s not too late for Big Green. So what’s the secret? I think it’s open source management. Google empowers its people to try things out, to put them “in beta.” And it leaves them there even when they’re not pulling their financial weight, because someone else may come along with a Clue, and the cost of leaving a server running is a rounding error...

But you’ve got this immense store of talent at Microsoft, which spends all of its time fighting internal battles in hopes that something might get out the door later. As opposed to the Google Way, which is to throw it on a server and see what people can make of it..."

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