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Monday, October 22, 2007

Major Exchange/Outlook Deficiency addressed by "Add Tags to Your Outlook Email Messages, Just Like GMail Labels at Digital Inspiration"

I do not have experience with the specific solution mentioned below. But I certainly see how classic MS Outlook lacks the multiple-tags-per-message feature (and how valuable that can be...)

[Any MS bloggers out there care to comment about how the go-forward on Exchange Server 2007 may or may not help with this? The 15-second scan of the key ES2007 improvements at did not even hint at tagging :-)]

Add Tags to Your Outlook Email Messages, Just Like GMail Labels at Digital Inspiration : "Gmail use the term 'Labels' while, YouTube and other web 2.0 websites prefer to say 'tags' but the basic idea is same - tags (or labels or categories) make it easy for you to filter or search content. Like Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail, Microsoft Outlook uses the concept of folders to organize email messages - the problem with the folder approach is that an email message, task or contact can be stored only in one folder at a time unlike Gmail where you can place an email into any number of virtual folders (aka Labels). Also read: Is Your GMail Inbox Full ? If you are missing tags in Outlook, get Taglocity. It's a Microsoft Outlook add-in that adds tagging feature to your Outlook interface. You can assign multiple tags to your emails messages and quickly filter content in folders based on tag names. Similar to, you can create a tag cloud of your email messages where the varying font sizes help you visualize the number of messages under that tag. Taglocity is available for Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 on Windows XP and Windows Vista. There is a free version of Taglocity for Personal Use though it imposes a limit on the number of tags..."

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