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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Skype Enters the Enterprise - Enterprise VoIPPlanet Feb. 23, 2007

Skype Enters the Enterprise:

"...with traditional voice over IP equipment, you need infrastructure at each location where you want to make in-network calls. 'If you're a big multinational company, you have to have an IP-PBX at each location to get free calls between them all.' With the VoSKY Exchange, however you can get pretty much the same benefit with just one unit, installed at a key office. Workers in small remote offices—or on the road—can dial in with their Skype IDs, and the calls are still free.

While companies can, theoretically use Skype to their hearts' content—without added infrastructure like the VoSKY Exchange, David Tang pointed out that the Actiontec product gives IT managers 'a little bit more peace of mind, taking Skype off the desktop and isolating it in a centralized server. They can put it behind their firewall, they can put it in a separate subnet, or whatever. Basically, you're taking Skype off of the LAN,' Tang said...."

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Daniel Nadel said...

Agree, Skype is my favorite VoIP application. To me it offers the best signal quality as I can hear the caller far more clearly then it can be done with for example X-Lite. I also like Pamela for Skype that works as a voice mail.