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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

IT and GIS--A Complementary Technology Blend - ESRI - Professional Papers

ESRI - Professional Papers: "IT and GIS--A Complementary Technology Blend

Author(s): G. Rao, Ajita Kini, Anwar Hassan, Saumyajit Roy

GIS, integrated with DMS, CRM, GPS/RFID and ERP, has proven to deliver immense benefits to organizations like municipal bodies and utilities where work revolves around spatial information. This is what LAVASA - a privately developed lake city spread over 40 sq kms in western India, is trying to achieve....

ESRI technology is being harnessed to augment the mammoth design, planning and construction challenges presently underway. The paper describes how RMSI and LAVASA are putting into place various best practices in GIS technology from 3D visualization, CAD standards, data modelling, GPS updates, linear referencing, map publishing, etc... to ensure that this city gets maximum advantage from an integrated enterprise GIS tomorrow."

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