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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Xirrus Wi-Fi Array: 7th Annual eWEEK Excellence Awards

The 7th Annual eWEEK Excellence Awards: The Winners: Networking Infrastructure:

The 7th Annual eWEEK Excellence Awards: The Winners



Xirrus Wi-Fi Array

Software Release 2.0 for the Wi-Fi Array further enhanced and provided increased functionality to the Xirrus Wi-Fi Array platform. With this release, the Wi-Fi Array can use some its IAPs (integrated access points) to create up to four independent, 162M-bps wireless mesh backhaul links by bonding three of its IAPs together for each link.

Additionally, the multiradio backhaul capabilities of the Wi-Fi Array eliminate the need to run cabled uplink connections in areas where it may be impractical or cost-prohibitive to run Ethernet cable. All security and WLAN (wireless LAN) policies are enforced across the backhaul links, and radio bonding provides load balancing and failover capabilities, allowing for a uniform and fault-tolerant deployment across an entire campus.

Also in this release is increased security functionality, including intrusion detection and prevention features augmented by Xirrus' partnership with Network Chemistry. The duo can manage to protect Wi-Fi networks from more than 100 threats, including rogue access points. The Wi-Fi arrays, Wi-Fi filtering, firewall functionality and time-of-day access controls can be tied to a specific SSID (service set identifier) for fine-grained control over various security settings. These robust security features provide IT administrators with the most powerful and secure Wi-Fi network available without needing a separate Wi-Fi intrusion detection and prevention network of sensor access points.

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