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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Who owns your "IT projects"? [Hint: That is a Misnomer] - The Content Economy

Nice grain of salt to keep in mind when planning the next perceived "IT-only" project, e.g. anything related to the unavoidable Upgrade Treadmill that appears not to be a Business Project:

The Content Economy: Who owns your "IT projects"?: "...there are no IT projects, only business projects involving more or less IT. Every IT initiative should be owned and driven by the business. Some might object to this way of seeing things. I would expect IT people that want to keep their influence and power and business people not interested in IT to belong to this category. Upgrading the mail server software to the latest version since the current version will no longer be supported by the vendor might be used as examples of a 'pure' IT project that should be owned by the IT department. But it should not. It would only be a pure IT project if the mail server was not used in the business at all, which then would question its existence and cause it to be terminated. The main point is that someone in the business should always have the ownership of initiatives involving IT, even those needs and initiatives that have been identified and requested by the IT department (such as upgrading a mail server software due to that the current version will no longer be supported by the vendor)...."

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