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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Managed Backup Strategy: "Cotton Companies Walks the Walk", eWeek 8oct2007

An interesting approach to centralized backup strategy (apparently no mention however, of required network bandwidth required for those distributed sites)- for a company specializing in disaster-recovery -:)

Cotton Companies Walks the Walk: "...Asigra's Televaulting is the first agentless solution to deliver bare-metal restoration capabilities across distributed or multisite networks, said Colesante. Agentless means there is no need to install client software on target machines, while bare metal means the software restores servers without the need to load applications or files. Televaulting has two main components—a client, which resides at a customer site, and a server, which resides at a WAN-connected data center. Televaulting's technology performs a full backup followed by incremental, minor backups..."

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