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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

BlackBerry security suggestions

Seems a bit severe... e.g. if you don't allow bluetooth, then how are you supposed to have a safe hands-free blackberry phonecall while driving, without messing around with wired headsets? ;-)

But definitely some worthwhile food for thought here about best practices for BES lockdowns:

Demilitarised Zone most secure option for BlackBerry device: "...NTA recommends the following security checklist for BlackBerry users and organisations:

  • Enable content protection - This encrypts the hand held data. The device should be set at 0 (which is a 16-bit elliptic curve key).
  • Password policy - The forbidden password option should be set, disallowing users to choose a simple key pattern. The minimum password length setting should be used to enforce a key of nine characters and a maximum password attempt should be set at a recommended five times.
  • Application control - disallows third party application downloads and should only allow approved software.
  • Other messaging services - functions other than those necessary should be disabled which prevents the use of peer-to-peer messaging such as ICQ and Google Talk.
  • Do not use Bluetooth - this function should be disabled due to its inherent security vulnerabilities..."

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