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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Oracle and SAP passed over for IFS by water desalination firm

Oracle and SAP passed over for IFS by water desalination firm:

... Seven Seas, which was founded late last year, is in the business of acquiring and building plants that make ocean saltwater suitable for drinking. The growing company, which serves resorts, municipalities and other commercial water users in the Caribbean, says that Oracle's and SAP's respective ERP offerings are simply too big and complicated.

Instead, Seven Seas chose a smaller ERP vendor, IFS AB, to manage the general ledger, project management and field services operations at its various facilities.

'I've had exposure to SAP as well as Oracle and basically we chose not to consider those two solutions just based on our prior experience and on the complexity of the implementations that we've experienced,' said John Curtis, Seven Seas' CEO. 'Oracle was the better of those two. [But] the team's conclusion very quickly and very clearly dictated going for a more user-friendly version and something that better fit our business model.'..."

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