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Saturday, May 19, 2007

File Replicating / Synchronization - RedDot CMS Users | Google Groups

File Replicating / Synchronization - RedDot CMS Users | Google Groups

From the Google group for RedDot CMS Users (seems like a very practical suggestion from an excellent source :-)

"CMS publishing is the single most intensive process relating to
pretty much all aspect of the system, processor speed, disk speed and
network speeds are all heavily used. The thing to remember when
dealing with publishing is that, while you may only be setting up one
publishing job, if you are publishing to muliple servers, the job is
repeated each time for each server.

If you have multiple web servers and are using a load balancer, I
generally recommend that you set the CMS server up to publish to a
staging machine (an older, phased peice of hardware that is just
sitting around since so many company's seem to have them lately, and
then do exactly what everyone else has said and use something that
will monitor the folder and push the staging publish out to the web
servers, Cute FTP pro works really well for this and is only $69.00

This actually serves two purposes. First, it cuts the publication time
down so that only one publishing job is involved and secondly, it
ensures uniformity throughout your live web servers.

I am currently running some benchmark tests relative to publishing and
should have that information in the next week or so.

Andrew Salik, Project Manager
RedDot Solutions, NA"

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