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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tasks, too? [GoogleLabs: Calendar + Docs gmail gadgets]

Now that Google Labs have shown us these cool gcal and gdocs gadgets within gmail interface, will they also be developing something like Microsoft Office Tasks (including workflow, assignment, tracking, prioritizing, alerting etc.)?

MSOffice (both 2003 and 2007) users are familiar with the typical Tasks view within the "Outlook Today" or similar default Inbox view... Perhaps Google will try to develop something similar?

Official Gmail Blog: New in Labs: Calendar and Docs gadgets: "...Today we're launching a few Labs experiments that let you add gadgets to the left-nav, next to Chat and Labels.

To get you started, we've worked with the engineers from the Calendar and Docs teams on two highly requested features: a simple way to see your Google Calendar agenda and get an alert when you have a meeting...

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Ozan Serim said...

Agreed. A To Do list would be useful for a small business owner and consultants who uses gmail for their correspondences. Look at "Thing" task manager for the Mac. It has a great interface and an effective tagging scheme for organizing tasks.