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Saturday, January 26, 2008

10 Tech Essentials for Emergency Evacuations - eWeek 17dec2007

GPS with live traffic-updates is listed as the very first of these 10 "tech essentials for emergency evacuations"... not merely a convenience to avoid traffic jams during the daily commute :-)

Other interesting items listed here include a cellphone signal booster kit; wind-up radio and phone charger; and portable fuel cell power pack:

  • eWeek digital edition excerpt of "10 Tech Essentials for Emergency Evacuations" :

  • Slideshow, including specific brands that meet the requirements described:
10 Tech Essentials for Emergency Evacuations: "10 Tech Essentials for Emergency Evacuations

When the firestorm erupted in San Diego in October, there was a sickening feeling of déjà vu that descended on local residents. Almost exactly four years ago, similar wind conditions had blown a handful of wildfires into raging torrents of flame, burning..."

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