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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Salesforce, SAP Battle for On-Demand Supremacy

SAP attempts to address the SaaS and the Web 2.0 expectations of the user community, with its announcement regarding "Business ByDesign":

Salesforce, SAP Battle for On-Demand Supremacy:
" officials announced the final piece of the platform, Visualforce, which lets developers build any user interface to any application.

The San Francisco-based company also announced two new applications, Content and Ideas, that add to its CRM portfolio but appeal to a broad user base that could span departments.

Content provides a raft of Web 2.0 technologies—such as tagging, subscriptions, recommendations—that help users manage unstructured data. Ideas is a service that enables companies to build communities where participants can post and vote on ideas.

By contrast, SAP, based in Walldorf, Germany, has taken the fully integrated ERP route when it comes to on-demand.

SAP's newly launched—though not yet available—Business ByDesign offering provides suites for common back-office functions like finance, human resources, CRM, supply chain management, supplier relationship management and corporate governance.

The suite provides the all-important integration with Microsoft's Office environment, and provides newer Enterprise 2.0 technologies like on-demand community interaction and live help links from within the Business ByDesign suite..."

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